Leon Plickat

Looking for my address? You will not find it here.

Under German law, an Impressum containing the site owners address is only mandatory, if the site provides "geschäftsmäßige, in der Regel gegen Entgelt angebotene Telemedien" (§5 Telemediengesetz), meaning any website which serves economic interest.

German law states that websites "die ausschließlich persönlichem oder familiärem Zweck dienen" (§55 Rundfunkstaatsvertrag) do not need an Impressum. So personal websites are explicitly excluded from needing an Impressum.

On this website I simply document some of my free time activities. The projects I work on are only provided as a reference and can not be classified as a "product". I neither sell nor promote any products on this website. My blog only contains my personal opinions on different topics. I do not have any advertisements on my website.