Leon Plickat

My name is Leon Plickat. I am a physics student, hobby programmer and freelance web-developer. I am a supporter of Free Software and free culture. I am a daily user of the GNU Operating System which I run with the Linux kernel.

Besides science and computer software, my hobbies and interests include cooking, photography, electronic engineering, restoring and working with retro technology, multiple science fiction fandoms and generally building and creating things myself. In some of these fields I know what I am doing and what I am talking about, in others maybe not so much.

You will find that my presence on the internet is pretty much nonexistent. This is caused by me avoiding any kind of social media, as I am healthily paranoid and dislike socialising over the internet in general. So don't expect me sharing any kind of personal information here, that I would not tell a stranger on the street.

If you wish to contact me, writing an e-mail will be sufficient: